Decision Intelligence For Dummies

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Decision Intelligence For DummiesНазвание: Decision Intelligence For Dummies
Автор: Pam Baker
Издательство: For Dummies
Год: 2022
Страниц: 323
Язык: английский
Формат: pdf (true)
Размер: 10.1 MB

Learn to use, and not be used by, data to make more insightful decisions.

The book aims to fill you in on decision intelligence, a new framework for making better, more profitable business decisions. It also serves as an introduction for Artificial Intelligence (AI) and digital decisioning practitioners to take a different approach aimed at making automated decision processes deliver desirable business outcomes. To top it all off, this guide shows you that decision intelligence is not merely a business approach — it’s equally useful when making decisions about your personal life.

The availability of data and various forms of AI unlock countless possibilities for business decision makers. But what do you do when you feel pressured to cede your position in the decision-making process altogether? Decision Intelligence For Dummies pumps the brakes on the growing trend to take human beings out of the decision loop and walks you through the best way to make data-informed but human-driven decisions. The book shows you how to achieve maximum flexibility by using every available resource, and not just raw data, to make the most insightful decisions possible.

This book is not (only) for decision-makers in business or finance. Decision intelligence is too crucial for improving business outcomes to be contained only to the C-suite and data scientist levels. In organizations that practice or seek data- and AI-democratization, decision intelligence should be practiced at every level of decision-making throughout the organization, even at the microdecision and mundane-decision levels.

At its essence, Artificial Intelligence automates decisions that are executed rapidly in an exceedingly large number of instances, often simultaneously. You train it by having it work with task-related data sets so that it can recognize what it’s looking at in other data sets and learn from the patterns it finds there. Then it makes decisions based on well-defined business rules. (The reality is a good bit more complicated than that, but that’s pretty much the gist of it.)

Machine Learning (ML), also known as AI in marketing materials everywhere, is central to much of the work in decision-making, regardless of the method you use. Because a goodly amount of the effort in decision intelligence lies in determining and optimizing the process that leads to the predetermined outcome, you should consider how you’ll tackle Machine Learning. For organizations with the technical expertise and a set of onboard Data Science teams, sophisticated and enterprise-grade Machine Learning technologies should be added to the stack — if they’re not already there.

For companies also interested in supporting citizen data scientists or companies that have no data science teams onboard, consider adding Automated Machine Learning (AutoML) to the stack. Of course, organizations with data scientists may want AutoML in the stack as well, because it simplifies some of the AI work. AutoML uses automation to apply Machine Learning models to solving real-world problems. Specifically, AutoML automates algorithm choice, feature generation, and hyperparameter tuning, among other topics relevant to machine learning modeling. Parameterization in Machine Learning involves using a set parameter to control the learning process. This parameter is configured outside of the model, and its value is established by a practitioner, not by the data. The practitioner commonly uses heuristics to speed and simplify its development. Examples of AutoML systems are plentiful and include Azure AutoML, Google AutoML, and Tensorflow/adanet.

In this timely book, you’ll learn to:

Make data a means to an end, rather than an end in itself, by expanding your decision-making inquiries
Find a new path to solid decisions that includes, but isn’t dominated, by quantitative data
Measure the results of your new framework to prove its effectiveness and efficiency and expand it to a whole team or company

Perfect for business leaders in technology and finance, Decision Intelligence For Dummies is ideal for anyone who recognizes that data is not the only powerful tool in your decision-making toolbox. This book shows you how to be guided, and not ruled, by the data.

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